Writings, thoughts and videos inspired by #doyouknowHim?

This week, all the Churches in Skipton will be looking at Jesus as a revolutionary. In this video, Lisa Holmes give us a brief introduction and what it might mean that Jesus was a revolutionary.

In episode 4, Michael and Nick share with us where the theme of Jesus - Leader & example took them and what it meant to each of them.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in February, as part of the #doyouknowHim? mission to Skipton, around ten adventurous souls struck out into the town center looking for treasure in the form of people.

Skipton High Street, rain again!
Third Saturday morning in a row after sunny Fridays!
Stones are now gathered, prayerfully handled, free for the taking;
Can I come with you? You know what you're doing!
Me? I'm well out of my comfort zone!
Where's the best place? Town Hall frontage? Sheep Street? Who knows?
Isn't it quiet? Where is everyone? Smile (Phil says!) Try to look relaxed!

Jim Hope introducing us to this weeks theme of Jesus: Example and Leader.