It’s a kind of a strange question, isn’t it?

Who is ‘Him’ anyway?
Why is it all written as one word?
And what is a #?

Well, the ‘Him’ is Jesus. The rest we’ll leave for another time. They’re not that important. Certainly not compared to the first question.

Do you know Him?

You may well know him.

Or you may know something about him.
You might know an awful lot about him like he was born at Christmas and died at Easter, that he was nice to people and had a beard and wore sandals.
Perhaps you knew about him once and have moved away from him. After all, people do grow apart, don’t they? Maybe this happened to you and Jesus.
Perhaps the only time you encounter ‘Jesus Christ’ is when you hear someone saying it in exasperated response to something.
Maybe you have been a church regular for years but you’ve never asked this one fundamental question we all need to ask…
...do you know Him?
So… if you know that you don’t know Jesus – let’s help you get to know Him...
...if you want to?
If you know Him already – great!
But do you want to know Him more?
Maybe we can do this together.
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