Who is 'Him'?
What do you know? : What do we know?
  • He existed and lived in Israel in the first Century AD.
  • Was a Jewish teacher.
  • Many believed he performed miracles including healing people.
  • He was rejected by the Jewish authorities.
  • Crucified by the Romans as an instigator of unrest under Pontius Pilate in the reign of Tiberius.
  • His followers believed & told others that he was alive again.
  • The story & belief about this spread beyond Israel around the known world.
  • There was a large number of followers in Rome by AD 64.
  • The followers believed & worshipped Jesus as God.
  • Many followers denied other gods of Greece & Rome and were killed because of this faith.
Did you know all that?
Maybe you did… but you don’t do all that Bible stuff.
Well here’s the thing…
ALL of these statements are found in – not only in the Bible – but it’s what was written about Jesus by people on the scene around and about His time.
And a few of them were most definitely NOT his biggest fans but still they wrote about this person Jesus.
Still think you know who we're talking about?
This Jesus – he may be a historical character to you or some kind of religious figure with long hair, a beard and sandals.
Maybe he feels like a children’s story to you.
But the truth and reality is that MILLIONS of people over 2000 years have had their lives transformed,
given meaning
loved by getting to KNOW this person Jesus.

So… here’s the question again: do you know Him?